Collection: Subscription Boxes

Slime is the best sensory toy out there! (We feel anyway) And once shops start to get noticed, they sell out in an instant! So, we decided to start Subscription boxes to make sure you can always get your favorite and even some exclusive slimes! 

The best part? You may even get some higher priced slimes for less and there's no chance that you'll miss out, even if we do get insta famous and break the internet (A girl can dream right?) 

Each month, we will have two different slimes coming to you. One 8oz jar & One 4 oz tin. The box will also include your activator spray and fun extras that will vary. Our box will never go below the retail value of $25, but it may go above, as high as $38 depending on the slime of the month! 

Boxes are limited, so grab yours today! Order a few months at a time and save $$$!! 

Each slime box comes with an activator spray and a slime care card, to help you care for your slime so it will last a long time. Slimes can stain clothing and furniture. Ages 6 and up. Choking hazard. Do not leave children unattended with slime. Slime is not edible or taste safe.