Our Story

Wiggles and Whimsy was born in the heart of our founder long before it became a company. It all started in 2017. Jennifer was a mom of boys, two under two and she was struggling with entertaining them both, until she found a fantastic indoor playground with amazing coffee! Her oldest son JJ was diagnosed Autistic at age 3 and she became inspired to open her own inclusive, sensory friendly business for JJ and other kiddos like him. She started teaching music and movement classes for ages 0-4 and started to make a plan for a brick and mortar, but then JJ took an interest in ASMR and wanted to make the slimes that he was watching... so they dug in and got started! Jennifer is also neurodiverse and loved sensory time too, so as they learned about slime she realized she loved it just as much as her kiddos (sensory time benefits everyone)

So in 2023, they  have shifted their plan and Started Whimsy Sensory Shop! A sensory boutique featuring Jennifer's handmade sensory products. 


Thanks for reading! Please try our products and let us know what you think!