The Top Ten Textures for Slime Superstars!!

The Top Ten Textures for Slime Superstars!!

The Top Ten Textures for Slime Superstars!

With over 30 different textures in our shop, we know you’ll want to explore more options. Our full texture glossary is on the way, but these are some fan favorites you may want to try first!



  1. Butter – Butter slime is an undisputed fan favorite! It is a soft, holdable slime with great pops and clicks! It’s stretchy and makes fantastic whips and twirls too! Mom’s love this slime because its low maintenance, less likely to melt or get super sticky and it’s easy to get out of clothing! (Video on that coming) This slime is also an adult favorite and a very popular Aromatherapy desk toy!
  1. DIY CLAY KIT – These slimes are best sellers for reason! They’re so fun to assemble! You get an already mixed base with a clay piece that you can mix into your slime (and generally fimos, charms and glitter as well!) When you finish mixing, you will get a soft, spreadable slime (ASMR depends on the base) 
  1. Floam – Floam slimes are a mix of our super stretch and floam beads and they’re a blast! Once you mix them through (the beads rise to the top) air fills in your slime and it’s a sizzly and snappy slime that plays well for a while! This slime also has great stretch and it’s quickly becoming a shop favorite! – Note that super stretch may melt a little easier than other white glue slimes, it needs to be able to hold the beads! See our video for how to play with and maintain this slime.
  1. Bing-su shimmer slime – looking for that crunchy slime everyone raves about? Here you go! This slime is made with confetti beads that make the best sizzle, pop and crunch! It’s very visually appealing as well, lots of glimmer, shimmer and shine!
  1. Cloud-dough – This slime is another shop favorite! The squish, the light webs and drizzles, and it’s so soft, we truly love this slime! It is holdable, low maintenance and plays well, we’ve let it sit for months and it barely needs activation! It lasts a long time! This slime is great for beginners and all slime fans! (Another mom approved texture and a favorite desk toy


  1. Thick and Glossy- One of the best OG textures, I believe actually created by OG slimes, how about that! Thick and glossy is a dense white glue slime that uses thicker glues to create a gorgeous glossy slime that has the best clicks ad pops a slime fan could ask for! Often used in our milk slimes and as a base for other fun kits. You’ll want to try this one.


  1. Butter Fizz- If you’re looking for a sizzly slime, butter fizz Is where it’s at! This slime has the most satisfying sizzles as well as light webs and pops. Best recommended for table or mat play. So fun!


  1. Clear Gloss – A thick, more holdable clear slime. Clear slimes are notoriously tacky, but these are made a little different so those of us with hot hands can enjoy them too.


  1. Coated Jelly – Jelly slime is such a fun texture. Its cool to touch, feels kind of gummy and it looks like actual jelly when it spreads. Adding a special coating makes it a little more holdable, but this slime does best with mat or table play. It does not disappoint! SO smooth and satisfying!


  1. Clear Cube- Cube – If you love the squeeze and squish, you’ve come to the right place! Our cube slimes are so much fun and come in a variety of glue bases and textures, but one thing is always the same, you will get loads of cubes to squeeze and blend into your slime, resulting in a sizzly crunch and a fun ASMR and sensory experience!



For more details and videos with amazing ASMR, head on over to Whimsy Sensory Shop at:

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