Slime Care 101

Slime Care 101 - Whimsy Sensory Shop

Hey All! 

Thanks for checking out our super cute and awesome slimes! We want you to be able to enjoy them for a really long time, so we had to share the best ways to care for it. Following this advice can help slime last a really long time. 

#1- Be sure to read the slime care card and the FAQ sheet when you receive your order. It is normal for slime to have activation needs.  If your slime feels too sticky to touch or remove from the packaging, you will need to use your activator spray and knead it through the slime to make it more touchable and thicker. But, using too much activator will cause your slime to become tough and rubbery and not very playable, so only add a spray or two at a time.

#2- Wash your hands before and after slime play. This will keep your slime free of dirt and debris and it's good hygiene. Our slimes are made with soap safe fragrances, and we activate with a diluted borax solution. Slime is made from a variety of ingredients, check the profiles or ask for more information. If you have allergies or sensitive skin, either do not use or wear gloves during slime play. 

#3) Not all slime textures are holdable. Some slimes will not hold up to the heat and handling. For example, our Jelly slimes are so fun, but over activating them will make them feel more like an Icee slime and they're more of a spreadable texture that would be better played with on a silicone mat. It's a great slime, but it plays differently. Check your FAQ sheet for more details! Texture Glossary coming soon to our site! 


These are just a few things we'd like you to know about our slime. With proper care they can last a long time. For more information, check out our short videos coming soon to TikTok, YouTube, and Insta! Happy Sliming 

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